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bookdesign & typesetting

moratorium on manuscript submissions

Recently, an increasing number of writers have submitted high quality manuscripts.
It pains me to send them back with encouraging comments and best wishes for
placement elsewhere. However, the reality of the moment is that the plans for
revenue to sustain an ambitious production schedule have turned by stages
to dreams and then to fantasies.

I am honored to receive such fine work, but it is not fair for authors to spend time
submitting and then, in some cases, waiting for quite a while before I muster
the fortitude to send a thoughtful, sympathetic response and say, "Sorry. No."

There is one type of case that could be an exception.
 (I have not seen any of these so far).

If you have a grant between $2,000 - $10,000 to cover the costs of publishing
your work, we can talk about bringing my experience and standards of quality
to bear on your project. I would not be looking for compensation for my time,
but only for the printing and shipping costs, and a small share of revenue.
Other professions call this a contingency model of operation.

If you do not have a grant or some other form of external funding, but have
disposable income for funding your project, then I invite you to follow the link
to the section on bookdesign & typesetting for fee-based services offered
by fractaledgepress.

For informational purposes, I have kept the following submission guidelines up
to anticipate the rare grant cases and to keep me from having to reenter the info
when I win the lottery, or start making disposable income of my own.

Submission of Manuscripts for Publication
If you have written a book of poetry, short stories or long fiction,
and are willing to discuss publication through
fractaledgepress, send:
  • a cover letter that introduces yourself and the work
  • a sample of the work:
    5 pages of poetry or
    10 pages of prose

Mailing instructions

  • To use email:
    Specify file type/format and creation program
    Send material as attachments with as much WYSIWYG formatting
        as you can muster
    Preferred creation programs: Microsoft Word, QuarkXpress
    Send to:
  • To use other methods of shipping (US Mail, FedEx, UPS):
    Use a binder clip, a paper clip, or a staple to hold the sample
    manuscript pages together.
    Specify the program used to create the work and
    ship the material to:
    Fractal Edge Press
    P.O. Box 220586
    Chicago, IL 60622-0586

The way the money works:

  • There is no cost to the writer for design, layout, and typesetting.
  • To date, there are no royalty advances.
  • Printing bills and costs for ISBN numbers, bar codes, copyrighting,
    and mailing of review copies are initially borne by the publisher.
  • For solo work, the writer receives 25 copies of the book. For anthologies,
    each writer receives 1 copy of the book.
  • Initial revenue from sales go to the publisher to cover the costs listed
    above. Inventory is held by the publisher.
  • Once the production costs are covered, the default split of revenue is
    25% to the publisher, 75% to the writer. If revenue comes from
    a distribution source, the split of revenue is based on monies received,
    not on list price.
  • During the cost-recovery period, the writer can purchase any number
    of books for the production-cost-per-unit.
  • After the cost-recovery period, the writer can purchase any number
    of books for 25% of the list price.

If you can find a better deal, go for it.


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