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book design and "typesetting"

fractaledgepress will help prepare your manuscript for publication.
The key to this process is collaboration you participate at your level
of interest, skill, and comfort. Because the process is collaborative,
your preferences will be given serious consideration, but this service
depends on evaluating and discussing choices about design elements
taking into account feasibility, aesthetics, economics, and the law.
The outcome, however, will share the quality of the press's current list.

Key Benefits

  • You get a high quality, printer-ready, electronic copy of your work.
  • You enjoy the process.
  • You incur the least possible reduction in your bank account for the
    quality of the outcome.
  • You get "exactly what you had in mind" (Charlie Newman about
    deadmachinecity) or something better than you imagined.

What you bring to the collaboration

  • The text poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, technical writing, whatever.
  • The money 50% at the beginning, 50% at the end
  • Optional:
      Cover art
      Graphics: hardcopy, electronic; drawings, paintings, photos
      Author's bio
      Photo of author
      Blurbs (comments on the work from other people)
      Front matter: introduction, dedication, acknowledgements
      List of previous publications
      A press name you want to adopt for the publication

What fractaledgepress brings to the collaboration

  • A bid telling you how much the design, typesetting, and (optional) consultation
    will cost
  • The hardware and software necessary to complete the project
  • The experience of producing over 20 author-satisfying works
  • The training and sensibility to help shape the project into a work
    you will be proud to publish
  • Optional (cost extra):
      Cover Art
      Graphics: hardcopy, electronic; drawings, paintings, photos
      Introductions, cover text
      Flyers, press sheets, posters, business cards

What you get

  • One or more electronic forms of your book (.pdf and whatever else
    might be required)
  • ISBN number
  • Barcode including price
  • Copyright submission
  • Two loose-leaf hardcopies of your work one for you and one for the printer
  • An announcement on the fractaledgepress website
  • Copyright page notice of design and typesetting by  fractaledgepress
  • Optional:
      Participation in the fractaledgepress onlinesubscriptionservice
        (to be available on the new, redesigned fractaledgepress website)
      Flyers, press sheets, posters, business cards
      Managing the printing and binding process
      Listing on and
      Order fulfillment

What you don't get

  • A marketing campaign that's for you and your agents to do
  • Reading or book signing gigs again, for you and your marketing folk to do
  • The "published by fractaledgepress" branding
  • Optional services you don't pay for

What you can do after receiving the output of the project

  • If you want to print a hardcopy edition of the work, find and hire a printer
    you can afford who will do the quality of work you need or want
  • Plan to be available for collaborating and clarifying during the design and
    typesetting phases of the project
  • Develop a distribution and marketing plan, and hire the agents or other
    workers to help execute the plan

What things cost

  • Typesetting
    Text only pages                            $  5.00 per page
    Pages with graphics                    $10.00 per page
    Cover 2/0                                      $25.00
    Cover 2/2                                      $40.00
  • Design
    Book                                              $50.00
    Flier, press sheet                         $20.00
    Poster                                           $40.00
  • ISBN                                             $10.00
  • Barcode                                       $35.00
  • Copyright registration              $40.00
  • Listing online                               $50.00
    Barnes& Noble                           $50.00
  • onlinesubscriptionservice       $50.00
  • Order fulfillment                        25% of list price
                                                           + postage

If you do your own work or can find a better deal, go for it
just don't hold your breath while you're looking.

Information Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

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