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    Information and opinion about the Chicago poetry scene

Puddin'head Press
    Local distributor for FEP, Chicago poets, and small presses

      David Gecic, publisher

The Chopin Theatre
    Zygmunt & Lela - friends to arts, friends, & landlords to FEP


The Guild Complex
    A multicultural, multidisciplinary literary arts organization -
    FEP's first Chi-town home


Houston Poetry Fest
Houston - First Friday Reading Series
    Houston continues to feed the needs of FEP

Ink & Ashes :: a journal of the senses
    Elegant presentation of good writing, photography, painting, etc.

Weeds - Poetry Live
    1555 N Dayton, Mondays, 10pm, free - hosted by
    Gregorio Gomez. Bartender of the night: Sergio Meiora


PolyRhythmic: A Chicago Arts Collective
    An aBSurD (in the best possible way) group that hosts
    open mic Tuesdays at The Trace Bar, 3714 N Clark - 10pm - $3


Coffee Chicago - Higher Ground Poets - under construction 4/18
    5256 N. Broadway, hosted by John Starrs, 8pm,
    $2 if you read, $3 if you don't.

Tuesdays @ The Cafe - Mailing List
    Open Mic @ the Cafe, Tuesdays, 8pm, $2 cover & donation
    Email connection for host Charlie Newman

kaoticgood productions
    robert karimi - storyteller, teacher, director, guide

    KaoticGood logo

Ray McNiece
    Poet, performer, educator, actor, singer, musician, speaker, writer

Emily Calvo
    Poet, artist, and marketing guru for the National Poetry Slams


Out 'N About with Ron 'N Joe
    AM Radio about the arts



Puddin'head Press
    Local distributor for FEP, Chicago poets, and small presses
    David Gecic, publisher


Funky Dog Publishing
    Publisher of other books by Ray McNiece

Electronic publishing
    Interactive electronic publishing solutions for newspapers and magazines
    best electronic publishing software to create life-like digital newspapers and digital magazines.


The Online Poetry Website of Doug Tanoury



Charlie Farren & F-Man Music: One-man vertical music business
    Charlie Farren, my colleague at Digital Equipment Corp/Compaq Computer Corp/HP,
    has a second parallel career as a solo singer/songwriter - strong melodies, positive themes,
    intelligent lyrics, and a voice to kill for. Charlie is the real deal. He writes, sings, produces,
    records, engineers, manufactures, and designs and prints inserts and CD case liners.
    Maryann takes care of order fulfillment for their online ordering.

Marjana Sadowska - Ukrainian singer, actress, educator, ethnomusicologist
    In concert, Marjana sings songs she learned over the course of ten years from grandmothers
    in Ukrainian villages. No one else has so treasured these thousand year-old songs.



Search Engines - A web search engine.


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